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Mujhe Dubo ke bahut sharmsar rahti hai

mujhe Dubo ke bahut sharmsar rahti hai 

vo ek mauj jo dariya ke paar rahti hai 


hamare taaq bhi be-zar hai.n ujalo.n se 

diye ki lau bhi hava par savar rahti hai 


phir us ke vahi baasi manzaro.n ke julus 

bahar chand hi lamhe bahar rahti hai 


isi se qarz chuka.e hai.n mai.n ne sadiyo.n ke 

ye zindagi jo hamesha udhar rahti hai 


hamari shahr ke danishvaro.n se yaari hai 

isi liye to qaba taar taar rahti hai 


mujhe ḳharidne vaalo qatar me.n aao 

vo chiiz huu.n jo pas-e-ishtihar rahti hai 



Love Shayari Dil Shayari Yaad Shayari Duniya Shayari

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